Friday, August 15, 2008

Venting Once Again

So as everyone knows, I have been pushing myself (with the help of my parents and husband) to graduate in December so I won't have to worry about school with a new baby. I have been taking online classes for about 2 years now and it has been amazing. I can work as much as I need to and still attend class. Well this semester I am having to take Public Speaking because it is a required course and they are trying it online this year. I thought wahoo. This is my chance. I hate speaking formally in front of people. So I signed up for it and got a syllabus for it earlier this week. The syllabus stated we were going to have to buy a webcam for two of the speeches and also have a video camera to video the other two speeches and mail them in. Does Lamar think we are made of money being newlyweds with a baby on the way?? Come on give me a break. But we agreed that since it was still all online etc, that we could handle it and it would be okay.

So I get an email today telling me not to buy a webcam that now I have to go sit in a classroom for 3 hours on two different nights to listen to everyone speeches and perform my own. HOW IS THAT ONLINE??? UGH. It makes me so mad. The point of online is so some students who live away can take the class without having to worry about things and for people like me who are working to support a family and not having time to go up to campus. I don't want to go sit up there for three hours. That is ridiculous.

I called the Distance Education Department complaining today. They better do something about it or they are going to have one fired up hormonal pregnant woman in their office next week. Not that it's Distance Ed's fault, it's really the teachers fault. What is she thinking? That because she has a degree and is teaching at Lamar she doesn't have to go by Distance Education's rules and requirements?

Lamar is also charging me a recreational sports center fee and a health center fee. All because I am taking one night class with the rest of my online classes. The health center probably isn't even open when I'm going to be on campus and I'm pregnant. I'm not going to go to them for anything. I'm going to go to my OBGYN and my family doctor for any and all problems I have because I trust them. I am not going to go to Lamar to workout. Are you kidding me? Who do they think they are. I tried to get them to waive the fee and cashier's wouldn't do it. They transferred me to some supervisor who is out until Tuesday. I'm not going to pay it when I can't/won't use it. That's a major waste of 100 bucks when I have a baby on the way and am going to have to start buying diapers. It is ridiculous.

Anyone agree with me about any of this?


Hilary said...

It sounds like the distance ed people never anticipated students like you who would depend on online classes for a lot of their education. It's frustrating that they offer the online classes only to a certain point.

BUT that recreation gayness is completely ridiculous. Two words: rip off.

Adam said...

Seeing that I'm both her husband and the person she called at the Distance Education center I want to clarify that it is not our fault. It is the completely the instructor for the course. We were under the impression she would be using part of our video conferencing system. We even bought her a very expensive web cam and headset to use for the course because she refused to buy one for herself. Faculty members really piss me off sometimes.