Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I love Uncle Sam...Today

So due to the fact I was married in March, I didn't have to use my parents for my financial aid stuff. We both got grants from Uncle Sam. Grants are amazing. They only paid half of Adam's Tuition, but it paid for almost all of mine! That makes me a happy camper since Lamar feels inclined to continue to charge me for the Health Center Fee and for the Rec Center. The supervisor's assistant called and said those fees cannot be taken off. (I personally know that used to not be true because Adam and I have a friend that got fees taken off all the time...You know who you are.) Lucky I say. I was either not nice enough (which I thought I was very nice by explaining why I felt I shouldn't be charged and saying please and thank you. It still didn't work.) UGH. But hey, I am convinced Uncle Sam paid for those two things with my grants so I don't have to pay them! Thanks Uncle Sam (today...)

Update on my class...It is great having connections in the Distance Learning Department now especially since all my classes are Distance Learning classes. He spoke with his boss about my class on Friday and how we were being required to go up to campus twice for the class for 3 hours each. Apparently it is a rule that if they charge you distance learning fees, they cannot make you go up to campus. She was annoyed. He said he hadn't heard from her today, but they had a faculty/staff meeting today and the speaker told the teachers they needed to be flexible with their online classes and they have to be willing to learn how to use the system and be patient with it. He said they also couldn't expect students to go up to campus for an online class. DING DING DING. Her's your sign professor. You can't make me do it. I won't do it. So I'm waiting to hear back from Adam's boss to see if she talked to her or to get an email from my professor telling us we are not required to go to the campus visits anymore.

Kari and Mom will be back tomorrow night. I'll have friends again. With Janelle and Meredith gone, I have gotten decent afternoon naps with the quiet of the house, but there isn't anyone to talk to. I hate going shopping by myself but with Kari home we can go together. Neither of us have money to spend, but at least it's someone to get out of the house with!!

P.S. I saw on Oprah today that this lady cuts out coupons and takes them to the grocery store and with her $187.00 bill, only paid like 3 bucks. I wanna learn how to do that. That's a smart shopper.


Hilary said...

way to fight back Kim!

Amanda & Jeremy Page said...

Good Job Kim, Glad to hear things are going better for you guys. How are you doing?