Friday, August 29, 2008

The Joys of Being Back Home

I love being home. The mosquitoes, the roaches, the other critters, the grass growing the second you get in from mowing it, the thunderstorms, the heat, the humidity. I could go on and on. Okay so I hate the heat and humidity and the critters and the roaches. I hate walking in tall grass and I park in the grass at my parents house. I hate going and getting in my car in the afternoon. It is so hot you could fry an egg (well you could come close to it I bet). I make Adam clean up and kill any and all critters that try to enter our home.

We had a tropical storm a few weeks ago or about a month ago and now another one is headed our way supposedly. School is out on Monday for the normal Labor Day holiday and they announced today that they would also be closed on Tuesday due to the storm. They say it will hit Monday or Tuesday. Last time we had hardly any rain and it was just a usual day with no work. This time it is already a hurricane. UGH. I wasn't here for Rita and I am glad. We heard on the news there is a voluntary evacuation in order for our county (being right on the coast and my town being about 10-15 minutes from the gulf). They say there could be a mandatory evacuation Sunday or Monday. Who knows. I'll keep you posted. I am not that worried. However I hear Wal-Mart was out of bottled water by noon today. Craziness.