Monday, August 11, 2008

Hello All

My blog has finally fixed itself somehow. Wahoo!!! We didn't float away with the storm. There really wasn't a storm here at all. It's pretty crazy how you never know if it's going to rain like crazy from one of those or just barely rain. We both got off work due to the little tropical storm and we were happy about that. I'm ready for Kari to get home because we have a hair appointment and I need it major. My roots are so long it's ridiculous.

The pregnancy has been going pretty well. I have had a few issues here and there, but nothing we can't handle. We are still trying to figure out names. I called it Baby Haynes the other day and Dad said what you don't have names yet? I said well kinda but not really...I can't call it by its name until we know what it is. Baby Haynes is much easier. We find out September 17 if it's a boy or girl (hopefully - as long as its cooperating).

USA Girls just won another beach volleyball game. I love watching May and Walsh play. They are amazing. I like watching Phelps swim as well. He is so fast its unbelievable. We have 12 medals so far. China is beating us by 2, but hopefully we'll pass up China!