Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Crazy, Fun Weekend

Monday, March 8 was our 2nd Anniversary. Adam wanted to do something fun and special to celebrate. He got Kari, Matt, Mom and Dad to baby sit Parker and got us a hotel room with a jacuzzi. It was nice to be able to relax but I missed my little boy so much! I don't know how or why people throw their kids on their parents so much!
Rose Petal Tail into the room...Heart made of rose petals on bed...
Bubble Bath, Sparkling Grape Juice (that was nasty haha) and rose petals
More of the rose trail - It was a great Anniversary and Birthday weekend (my birthday was on Friday - the night we got the hotel)

My Dad's brother and his wife came in to town from Tennessee. Caryn and Court's families came in from Lufkin and we had a blast! I think all we did was eat! There was so much food ... creole, shrimp, crawfish, hush puppies, fish, links, hot dogs, smoked bologna, ribs, boudin, baked beans, potato salad, chocolate cake, butter pecan cake, cookies, peach cobbler, strawberry shortcake, upside-down cake, and I don't even know what else! All we did was talk and eat and had a blast! Enjoy the pictures!

Taylor, Parker, Tucker, Meredith, Hunter, Lindon, Claire - every time we get all of them together, I try to get a picture They have all changed a lot since the one we took in December
Hunter (do you see all his crawfish heads and shells, he threw them all over the yard!)
The biggest pot ever to boil crawfish
Claire's Mishap
Hunter Chowing down
Baked Beans and Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Roger's delicious Potato Salad
Crawfish Shells and Heads
Food Court Smoked - I couldn't tell you what it is haha :)
More Food Court Smoked
Links, Hot Dogs and Smoked Bologna
Food and thousands of cups!
Tucker, Parker, Meredith, Claire, Taylor
Meredith, Taylor, Tucker, Claire, Parker
Claire, Tucker, Parker, Hunter, Taylor, Meredith
Tucker, Parker, Hunter, Meredith
Hunter, Tucker, Parker, Taylor
Aunt Suzanne, My Mom, Aunt Phyllis,
Uncle Lloyd, My Dad, Uncle Roger (brothers...can you tell?!?)
My delicious birthday cookie that Adam ordered for me (on Monday - we celebrated our anniversary on Friday and my Birthday on Monday!)


Anonymous said...

Big families are the VERY best!!! I love those get-togethers where food and used-cups-that-you-don't-know-who's-they-are fill up every table! And millions of grand-babies!!!! That had to be the BEST birthday/anniversary weekend ever!

Allison said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Man do I miss those days. You Texans sure know how to party and eat! :) I got hungry looking at all of that food! Fun pictures of all the kids too!

.Cassie Elizabeth. said...

im so glad you got a cookie cake!!! and i loved the hotel set-up. verryyy cute! happy anniversary!

Maren said...

um hello court cooked and the pregnant friend wasn't invited?!?!?!?!?!? BOOOHOOOHOOOO