Wednesday, March 31, 2010

State Fair

Monday we headed to the State Fair with our coupons to get in for only a buck (usually it's 8 bucks - we probably wouldn't have gone if we didn't have our coupons!)

It was a buck to play skee-ball and if you got 180 points, you got a prize and all the prizes were huge. Janelle saw the huge Dora's and had to play for Meredith. It took her 3 tries, but she did it!!
Look how huge that Dora is - for 3 bucks!!
Adam played once and won for Parker!! He picked out Spiderman!
With our coupon, the rides were only a buck too and Janelle had one ticket left and let Parker use it to ride the carousel. He was okay at first, but then wasn't so much a fan.

Meredith got to ride the train.
And do the fun house!The top parts spins so you don't have to walk on it. The part coming out spins so its hard to walk out!Janelle fell! :) It was too funny!! We ate lots and lots and lots of food.
Cheesecake on a stick
we also had lemonade, an icee, nachos, fried oreos, hamburger, fries, and that could be it...I think haha we ate so much. It's fun to get a variety and share it with everyone!!

When all was said and done, Parker was ready to head home!