Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe 2010 is over and 2011 has already begun!  As I look back at last year, we were soo busy -
January - Parker turned 1
February - We had tons of family in town and I mean tons - There was never a dull moment!
March - We took Caryn's Kids to Red Bud and we went with Janelle and Meredith to the State Fair
April - The Easter Bunny visited and we (Adam) helped Aunt Kia and Uncle Matt move
May - We had Mother's Day, went to a Lamar Baseball game for FREE, and went swimming at Poppa and Mammaws!
June - We swam some more and went to Lufkin for a Crawfish boil and our nephew got hit by a car at said crawfish boil
July - We moves, My nephew was baptized, and We announced that we were having baby #2
August - Parker started sleeping in a toddler bed
September - We went to the First Lamar Home Football Game, I melted a cutting board in the oven, I attempted to potty train Parker, and Parker cut more teeth
October - We went to another Lamar Football game, a pumpkin patch with great friends, carved pumpkins, I went to Time Out For Women with my sister, found out we were having a girl, went to two trunk or treats and helped give out candy on Halloween at Poppa's house
November - Parker started saying prayers with someone's help, Parker cut more teeth, My grandpa died, I found out I had Gestational Diabetes again, and we had a fun, but crazy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!
December - I stated taking insulin, we made gingerbread houses with the McCabe family, Parker announced he wanted a puppy (not gonna happen), We made Christmas Sugar Cookies, Got a real Christmas Tree from a Christmas Tree farm, had 6 or 8 bags of leaves we had to rake up in our front yard, had Adam's family over for Christmas Eve and then went to my parents for Christmas day and the day after.

Def a busy year!  But we are ready for this year and the birth of our little girl in less than 29 days!

Here are some pictures from New Years Eve -

Do you love Parker's Bear Hat that we found for him for like 4 bucks?  I'm so glad we did too, because I forgot to pack him a jacket and it kept the rain off his head while we were doing fireworks and it helped muffle the loud booms!
None of my firework pictures turned out...

Mandy (Adam's Sister) got hit by one from the neighbors - I saw one coming straight for us and I jumped up and ran to the garage.  Luckily, Parker was in Poppa's arms and he was protected.  Mandy was in a lot of pain - it cut the skin and left a huge bruise.