Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 Year Check Up

Parker had his two year check up this afternoon.  Doctor said he is growing fine, just skinny!  He is now 28 lbs and I think 34 1/2 inches tall (though I could be remembering wrong).  He had to have routine lab work done today to check for anemia etc.  While we were sitting outside waiting for our turn to get his lab work done, there was a little girl in there getting hers done.  She was screaming, crying for her dad (that wasn't there) and even coughed from crying so much.  Parker was sitting with me out in the foyer and every time she yelled for her dad, Parker copied her.  When she coughed he fake coughed.  While she was crying, he pretended to cry.  It was so funny, and it was hard to tell him that it wasn't nice while I was laughing at him! 

He really is related to his Aunt Kari (Aunt Kia - if you ask Parker)!