Friday, January 14, 2011

Parker's 2nd Birthday

We had a small family party at my parent's house for Parker's 2nd Birthday on Saturday.  Parker isn't a fan of sweets and Adam isn't a fan of cake, so we got a cookie!  Here is a video of him blowing out the candles, opening a gift (he kept tearing the tissue paper when he would take it out of the bag - then when he pulled a toy out, he would run off with it and we'd have to get him to come back to open more gifts haha) and then him blowing out candles on his real birthday. 

We are so grateful for the family that came and supported Parker Lil Buddy for his 2nd Birthday!

He got a toy story duffel bag and back pack from Holly, Kenna, Grammer and Grumps.
Books from Darrellyn.
Cars that shake and go from Aunt Mandy and Uncle Jeremy.
A rockem sockem (is that what they are called??) from Uncle Kev, Aunt Sarah, Claire and Lindon.
A monkey in a banana car that shakes and goes from Awna D and Geezer.
Clothes from Poppa and Mammaw...I can't remember if there was more in the bag or not (sorry!!).
Swords, a robot, and a transformers mask and outfit from Adam and Me.
Did I leave anyone or anything out?  If I did I apologize!

Thanks everyone for coming to the party and celebrating with us and for the gifts!  We really appreciate it!

Special Thanks to Gamma Jill and Gampa Gene for the Balloons! :)  All the kids loved playing with them!!