Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Few Videos

Here is a cute video of Parker that I took today while he was happy (which wasn't very long). Sorry that the videoing isn't very good for Parker's Video. It is hard to keep steady sometimes and in one of them we were laying down on the couch together so it was hard to keep the camera on him. Hope you enjoy him smiling and laughing. The first clip is his new trick.

His trick is the beginnings of a somersault or crawling don't you think? Okay maybe just I think so, but I am the mom I am Bias right???

My roommate showed this Video to me a long time ago and I found it on my computer again. It's a Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield Commercial. Listen to the little boy...He is hilarious!!!
Here is the link:


Becky said...

Parker was most definitely doing a somersault! He's going to be all over the place very, very soon!!

Janelle said...

I think you're going to have an active one...if he has figured out rolling over and squirming around to get somewhere already...wait until he has even more control over his arms and legs! ;) And I love that funny!