Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ugh Stinking Bedding

I search about once a week to see if our bedding is back in stock with the mobile that goes with it. Either only one is available or neither and it is so expensive, so I look around to see if we will settle for something else. Mom keeps finding cute ones to show us, but its just not the same...We love the one we originally wanted from BabiesRus. But the more we think about it and look at its price of $139 for the four piece set. We think twice about it...It's Cute right? It's called Mod Pod Pop Monkey
However, its never all in stock, its $139 bucks plus shipping and we just can't afford it and we haven't gotten it as a gift. We found this at Walmart online today and we love it. For the four piece set it is $79.97 which is a lot cheaper :) It is like the bedding that Kari's sister in law (or I can put it like this...Adam's adopted sister - Matt's Sister - My friend - the list goes on and on...don't you feel special Heather that you can be named so many different ways???) However, it is different because it has the brown with it. I love it and Adam loves now we just need to convince someone to get this for us because it's cheaper and maybe since it's cheaper we really will get it right??? It's called Little Bedding by NoJo - Ivy League Argyle Green...It is so cute right?????


Sarah Fruge said...

My favorite one out of all I have seen is still the computer one that Adam showed me.

ChrisandLindsay said...

That's really cute. I totally wanted the first one too, but Chris wouldn't let me get it because of the price, but I just loved it so much!! The one from Walmart is adorable too though! :)