Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures for Aunt Squirt...and Everyone Else

Adam got on the Wii Last night to weight Parker and according to that, Parker weighs 15.6 lbs. He has gotten to be a big ol' boy. He is starting to fill out in the tummy area, but he is still pretty skinny. He is so long. The blue and yellow outfit in the pictures is 6 months. it fits him lenth wise, but it is a little baggy on him and the feet part is pretty big, but oh well.Here is him sleeping today...Caryn's daughter, Taylor, said that all he does is eat and sleep. He does stay awake most of the day now, but she's right. He's a baby and all he really does is eat and sleep!

We found it on the clearance rack at Target yesterday. I didn't pay attention to the picture honestly when I bought it. I was too excited that I got it for four bucks instead of eight! But when I was showing it to mom, I finally saw the picture. Aunt Squirt said it is a good outfit beacause...It says little squirt!!!

He didn't wear it long tonight though after his bath because while I was looking at something on my camera, he spit up. So we had to change him. Then I noticed the big wet spot next to him on my sheets in the below picture. It went through to the mattress pad. UGH...No good. So we are still awake and the fitted sheet and mattress pad are in the dryer as I type this. They better be almost dry too! I am tired!

Here are a couple videos of little Parker. The first one is from tonight. We tried to get him to do his big laugh, but that wasn't happening. All he would do was talk. Oh well. The second video is from Saturday. Adam put him in the Johnny Jump Up that we are borrowing from Court and Janelle (we borrow everything from them - thanks guys...you have been life savers!!!) All he wanted to do was eat it. They sent the toy home for it the other day with mom when she went to visit so now we will have to put him back in it with the toy to see if he still just eats it.


~kiMbeRLy~ said...

WOW!! Parker is getting soooo big! Like you needed me to tell you. I just can't believe how fast they grow. He is adorable!