Friday, November 6, 2009


- you can't buy the cheap brand of stuff. Like toilet paper - if you buy the cheap brand you have to use hundreds of little squares so you don't get it on your hand and even then it rips to shreds. One of the many reasons I hate using public bathrooms.

- you have to shut your mouth when you don't want to (or your spouses for that matter). I tell everyone that Adam's is like a book of random facts. He knows a little bit of everything and loves to read about new things and catch up on what's been going on. Sometimes he can get into heated discussions and I have either leave the room or say "the end" "no more" to make it stop.

- you feel alone and like you don't have anyone you can talk to that can relate to how you feel.

- you just want 5 minutes of alone time.

- you get frustrated at stupid things - especially when you are going on little sleep.

- you are a disappointment to your spouse and others around you.

- you want to crawl into a big hole and not come out.

- you wish you had all you loans paid off and were debt free - student loans, car note, etc.

- you see people on tv shows get prizes and money and you think to yourself, why couldn't that be me? Why couldn't Oprah or Ellen or someone like that call and offer me money or a car or a trip or something?

- you just want to get away.

- you wish nap time would last a little longer.


Adam said...

i love you.

you don't disappoint me.