Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Love Notes

I have a huge stack (well it's not so huge anymore) of post-it notes that I use to leave Adam notes on the front door in the mornings. I put them up before I head to bed just as reminders for him - Some just say trash (reminding him to take out the trash), some say netflix (don't forget to put them in the mail), sometimes it says gate (fix the gate because I can never get it up), etc.

Sometimes I remember to say Love you Have a great Day, Sometimes I don't.

I haven't put a note up in a long time until Monday reminding him to bring something with him to work and when I got up I found this on the door....
It's a multi-colored stack of post-its hence the one green one! I have a sweet Husband! I mean some might get mad that their husband wasted 10 post-its, but I loved it! It was a total surprise!


Maren said...

Thats so sweet!!!!!!