Thursday, November 5, 2009

Word Vomit

Life can be so interesting, ya know?

It's funny how your life can change in an instant due to a sick baby, tired mom, a flat tire on a car, etc.

Parker and I went to Lufkin last Wednesday to flee from the mice (luckily number three was the last so far) and to help my sister with her Ward Carnival that she was in charge of. I feel like I really didn't help her much. I got a little frustrated at times when I was home by myself with 4 kids (one was mine and very fussy due to no nap) and had to try to find her things when she was at the church. The party turned out amazing (no doubt in my mind that it wouldn't). There were tons of games (I had a hard time coming up with names for each booth [I didn't want the same old boring names] and so a good friend on facebook [thanks Hil] helped me. A few examples are face painting - bootique, Halloween twister - twisted bones, darts - pins n needles, etc). There was delicious chili (I tried Courts and Justins - Courts was good with lots of meat and Justins was so good too -- It was hard to pick a favorite). There was also a booth set up for your family to take pictures - Parker did well...Sat up on the bench and smiled...He really wanted to play with everything up there (even the scary guys).Meredith on the other hand was a bit scared and Janelle finally got her to smile - Hence the reason she is turned to the side...

At Caryn's I slept on the couch each night and the last night, Parker ended up on the couch with me. Not fun! Then Saturday Morning, we got up and headed to Buna to meet up with Adam (thanks Matt and Kari for bringing him so we wouldn't have two cars and to cut down on my time in the car) and I told Adam he was in charge because I was in need of a nap. I slept off and on for about an hour there and then we went to the ward party, Burger King and then back to Adam's Dad's house to hand out candy to the trick or treaters. Adam said his dad always hands out tons of candy and I didn't believe him, but he was so right. I think they saw about 300 and I told Adam that I took back everything I said. We headed home and Parker woke up crying and slept with me again on the couch.

Sunday night - we slept on the couch.

Monday he started getting a croupy cough and we slept on the couch again (are you noticing a pattern?)

Tuesday he wouldn't play, hardly ate, just wanted to be held and we slept on the couch again.

Wednesday morning I called the doctor - we had an appointment that afternoon - he has two ear infections and the croup (I knew that) and the doctor called us in three prescriptions. Glad we have insurance - the doctors visit would have been like 90 bucks and we only paid 20 and the meds were less than 23 bucks total! Yahoo. That night we slept on the couch.

I really miss my bed. It has been a week now. Each night at home, I start out in bed and then end up on the couch around 2:30 or 3:00. Not fun. I need to break him of this habit real quick.

Last night Adam had a meeting at church and came back in looking for my car keys and I said why and he said he had a bad flat tire. So today - Matt picked him up and took him to work for me (thank you Matt) and we will be buying a tire after he gets home from work.

We were supposed to take family pictures tomorrow, but something came up with my hair lady and she had to cancel and I can't get my hair done with my roots looking the way they are. Sad Day for sure!

I need to go to Beaumont to return a few things and exchange a few things and I have yet to shower (now is my chance because Parker is finally in his bed asleep) but here I sit on my computer goofing off.