Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's Up with That?

Yesterday, I watched my niece while her little baby brother is in the hospital.  Right when she got to my house she wanted her Mom.  I felt so bad.  We headed to my grandmother's house in Vidor to play with our little cousin that it my nieces age and they had a lot of fun.   Well, my niece was having fun as long as Parker was leaving her alone.  Every time he wanted the toy she had, she cried and got upset.  We distracted Parker with other toys and I told him to quit being a bully! :)

We (Grammer and me) then headed to Chuck E Cheese with the kids to entertain them (thanks Ryan)!  They had so many tokens and I was ready to go so I took them to the game Rubble Bubble (or something like that - Maren can correct me) so that each girl could put a coin in at the same time.  We got a lot of tickets.   The only prize my little cousin wanted was a purple snake.  I couldn't convince her to get anything else.  Without thinking and considering the fact that Grammer is deathly afraid of snakes, I let her get it and when she went to show Grammer, I was in trouble!  I can't believe I didn't think about it.  But I didn't want her to cry.  Grammer said she will never let me forget it.  Luckily I had picked out another toy for her and so she gave Parker the snake.

Then I took my niece to stay with her parents at the hospital and I headed home.  I had a really bad migraine (probably from my lack of drinking water during the day) and told Adam I didn't want to eat anything.  Parker hadn't gotten a nap so Adam fed him and changed him and got him ready for bed for me (I was dozing off on the couch).  Parker was in bed before 8:45 and I told Adam I was heading to bed.  I fell asleep so fast.  Adam came in and asked me who texted me and read it to me (I had no idea I had a text message).  He also got up with Parker and they cuddled on the couch for an hour (I had no idea).

How could I not hear my phone above my head or this cute kid crying?

What's up with that?  I can't believe I was so out of it.


Sarah Fruge said...

Thanks for all your help this past week. We really appreciate it!