Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Lamar Home Football Game

Adam got us tickets for the first Lamar Home Football Game! It was such a great game (the parts I saw anyways).  We were on the Away Side in the Student section on the second row right next to the band.  The band was a little loud and I didn't like being that close to them, but oh well!  We couldn't see the game unless we stood up because the people in front of us and to the left of us kept standing up blocking our view of the field and the huge screen!

Park kept wanting to sit with Uncle Matt, but it was sooo hot and Matt was the only one in a black shirt...I don't think he'll do that again!
Huge Jumbotron - Parker got to be on it thanks to Aunt Squirt and her connections.  I didn't get it on camera, but thanks to Adams connects, we have the disc that it is hopefully on!  I'll post the video as soon as I find him and crop it!

That's the back side of one of Adam's student workers.  She is on the Color Guard.
The band.
Parker wanting Uncle Matt - Do you love his Jersey???  We have good friends that love us enough to get this for Parker!!!  Thanks!!!
It was so hot!  Parker was so thirsty.  Adam went back in the 3rd Quarter to get us more water and they were totally out.  Adam told them they were going to kill someone!! haha

It was a great game and Lamar won!!!  It was so fun!!