Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cookie Monster

Last night I started feeling terrible.  My eyes were bothering me, my nose was getting stuffy and I felt a sore throat coming on.  I took two benadryl and headed to bed.  Riglee and Parker both woke up with snotty crusty noses.  So I knew none of us were feeling well.  I spent most of my day today laying on the couch dozing in and out.  Luckily Rigs slept the day away and Parker laid on the other couch watching cartoons.

I got a text from my little sister today asking how I was feeling -she works with Adam and he told her I wasn't feeling the best.  I told her I was okay and she asked if I would make cookies for their co-worker for her birthday tomorrow.  I told her I would.  I made sugar cookie dough and spelled out "Happy Birthday Christy" and then made a few chocolate chip cookies (which I think turned out terrible).

I organized them nice and neat on the tray (see above picture) and then got busy cleaning up and starting a load of laundry etc.

The next thing I know is my sweet little two year old was about to take a bite out of a cookie.  I ran from the laundry room into the kitchen and took it from him and was sad to see tiny teeth marks in it.  I wouldn't have cared except it was one of the letters (I knew I should have made extras!!)!
I might have over-reacted a tad - and yelled and sent him to bed.  I told him he was never allowed to get food without asking and that he was in big trouble.  I went in a few minutes later to check on him and this is how I found him...
I feel terrible for yelling at him and over-reacting because when Kari and Adam explain tomorrow to her why the "I" is missing from her name she'll totally understand and not care.