Monday, August 29, 2011


This weekend our church had conference and it was amazing.  Elder Holland came and spoke to us and switched out our Stake Presidency.

Our family had the opportunity to feed Elder Holland.  He was so polite and funny.  He shook our hands and told my mom that he would like to fly in every weekend for her to fee him!  He also told Mom that she was his very own Betty Crocker or something like that.  Before my dad could introduce Kari, Elder Holland told her she looked just like my mom. 

He also talked to Riglee and said that she was the pretty little girl that he saw being passed around Saturday night at conference.  Haha -- She started out sitting with Adam's Parents and then was ready for her bottle so I had to go get her from them...

It was a pretty amazing experience and I'm glad I suffered through my back pain to attend and help mom feed him and the Stake Presidency.  I am sad that I missed out on Sunday feeding them lunch.  I came home and My parents, sister and sister in law got to sit at the table with Elder Holland and visit with him while he ate his lunch before he headed to the airport.  What a neat experience that would have been. 


Rondi said...

Elder Holland is a wonderful man. When he came into my hospital room to visit me, all he cared about was my getting well. He is a caring servant of the Lord.