Monday, August 15, 2011

Master Haynes the Graduate

He did it!  Adam graduated with his Masters Degree!!  He walked at graduation - it only cost us $80 but hey - he's done and we are so proud of him!

My mom took these before we headed to Adam's Graduation

These are from the Pre-Party that his department put on...

Parker loved that "the bird" was there and let him take a picture with him

Do you see him?
He's in line to get his empty container haha!

He looks so excited haha

These were taken after graduation...

I am so proud of him

After Graduation we went to Fuddrucker's to eat!  Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating this special time with us!

Awna D was a trooper and went out in the heat with the kids to let them play for a bit!
Thanks Maren for the amazing Cake!!  It was a big hit and everyone loved it!!
One Happy Camper finally done with school (until he goes for his doctorate!! haha)


Maren said...

Adam I think it is great that you have gone this far in school!!! good luck with the rest!!!! We miss you guys...Once our AC is fixed we will have you guys over!!! :-) You don't want to come right now....ITS HOT!!!!! BLAH!!!!!!!!