Monday, August 29, 2011

Old Navy Mishap

We headed to Old Navy tonight to use my Super Cash I got earlier in the month. If you spend $40, you get $20 off. A great deal right! Half the price...So we found enough Items to get over $40 and checked out.  When I got home and was looking at the receipt, It looked odd to me....

(click on picture to enlarge receipt and see totals)

We called, they said they would try and figure it out and call us back.  They called back and said we have to bring in the receipt to see what messed up.

Is it worth it to drive back for just over $4.00?
Is my math even right?
What would you do?
I suppose I need to start checking receipts before I leave the store...
Do you ever check your receipts to make sure they are right?


Rondi said...

I always check my receipt. Half the time some of my coupons weren't counted, I have been charged for items I didn't buy, and also I haven't been charged for items I bought. The store manager looks at me in shock when I bring something back that I didn't pay for her.