Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Parker has been spitting up after almost every bottle we give him. Some feedings it is very little, others it is a lot. We have to keep tons of spare bibs in the diaper bag because we are constantly switching them out.
He has managed to spit up on
Awna D (my mom),
Grandpa Haynes (Adam's Dad),
Grammer (my mom's mom),
his Second String Grandpa (Matt's Dad),
and probably tons of other people.
I figured it was just normal ya know. However, it has been getting worse and worse and he's had a few tummy aches this weekend. I called the doctor and he said to try switching our sweet little Parker from Enfamil Lipil with Iron to

Enfamil Gentlease Lipil. Hopefully it works because I'm tired of our sweet baby spitting up all the time. If it hasn't helped within 5 - 7 days, we are supposed to call the doctor back, however, Parker goes on Wednesday the 27th for his 4 months check up so we will be able to give the doctor the results of switching then.


shayla said...

yuck! i feel your pain. seth is constantly spitting up. we tried several different formulas and nothing helped. the doc finally said as long as he's gaining weight (which he his -- he's huge!) that we shouldn't worry about it. so i've learned to live with it even though it's a huge laundry problem. and if anybody ever asks to hold him i say "this kid comes with a warning" or "hold at your own risk".

however, it sounds like parker's experience is different. i hope the new formula helps with his tummy aches and that it stays down better. i'd be interested to know if it has an impact.

oh, and a sidenote: i have a sis-in-law who swears that her baby stopped spitting up after she started using Dr. Brown's bottles. but i'm not about to go out and buy a whole new bottle collection. i'm just crossing my fingers that he gets over it sooner than later

Ryan and Jacquie said...

yumm!!! baby spit up. lol. hope the formula swith helps :)

Laurie said...

i have a can of similac easy to digest that Landon cant have---we only made 3 bottles out of it. if yall want it yall can have it. i hate to see it go to waste.