Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

Seems like every time Justin comes, there is yard work to Caryn, Justin, and Dad were outside working before I got to moms this morning and Mom and Kari were making breakfast. Then they both went out to help. Matt got home from an Eagle Project and helped and Adam finally showed up (he was still in bed when I left) and helped as well. They cut down so many bushes and little trees that Mom and Dad now have a huge pile in the front of their house awaiting the trash guys to come pick it all up!

This pile looks pretty big huh? This is how big it is...Do you see the two children in the above picture??? How about in the next one?

Tucker posing with the crawfish before Justin cooked em!

Caryn's kids helped take care of Parker while the Adults worked. I pulled one load of branches to the street then I quit and became the photog! Can we say Lazy...Yes we can! Sorry Fam!

Justin and Matt were the first ones to dig into the crawfish! Looks good huh!

Kari took this of Caryn...This proves that the food was finger lickin good!

Maren brought a pool for the kids to play in...they had a lot of fun!

Parker's new swimsuit! Isn't it cute? Adam wouldn't let me get the spf shirt to go with it. Sad Day. It has a monkey on it in the brown....Look closely!

Parker can't sit up for very long by himself so we put the bumbo in the pool for him to sit in. Adam had to hold it down because it was floating!

Yes even I ended up in the pool...Parker wanted out of the bumbo, but we wanted to see if he would sit in the pool...he seemed to like it...I didn't have time to change clothes or I probably would have...Those are blue jean capris I have on in the picture...not fun.

I'll post videos later...I'm on Adam's Mac and not my computer so I don't know how to edit the videos etc.

*Make sure you click older posts to see more photos of little Parker!
**No pictures or videos may be used or taken in any way shape or form.


~kiMbeRLy~ said...

Cuteness!! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!!

Sarah Fruge said...

What's up with the fine print? That's pretty funny! Tell your dad thanks for the sno cones!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

looks like a fun day! i love the pic of you in the pool with the kids. hot face!! :)