Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sad Day

So I kind of hate to see summer come...

-The heat
-The humidity
-The sweating
-The electric bill going up for running AC and Fans constantly
-The lack of a pool to swim in
-The lack of a decent swim suit that makes me look skinny
-The lack of being skinny
-The lack of a pool to swim in
-The car being steaming hot when we get in it
-Did I mention the lack of a pool to swim in???

And last but not least...

The ending of all these great shows that we have been addicted to all season....
That would be CSI: Las Vegas...The original one. I have seen the other two, but my favorite is this one. I hated to see Warrick go and Grissom go a season or two back, but I still Love it!
I am very disappointed with the results of this one. Helen won and looked so sick. She sent her own daughter home. What kind of mom is that? All the other parents wanted their children to stay because being on the ranch was the best thing for them. I really wanted Mike to win. He was so good. After he would finish a challenge, he would go back and help his dad finish. I loved that. Such a good son!

So Hell's Kitchen is absolutely amazing. I hate that he curses so much and for half the show they are bleeping it out. I was happy with the two that it was down to in the end. I didn't care which one won because they were both so good.

I wasn't happy with the end results of this one either. The team that won was a brother and sister pair. They spent a lot of time in China on the race and they spoke Mandarin. I think that was a total disadvantage to the other teammates. I mean one time in China was okay, but it seemed like they were there a lot. One of the challenges was to listen to people order food in Mandarin and repeat the order to the chef. Total disadvantage on that one don't you think?!? I mean they were mostly nice to people etc, however, it isn't totally fair to the other teams.

This was a good one to watch as well. It was down to Joan Rivers and a Poker Champion. Adam liked the Poker Champion, I didn't really have a preference. I just liked watching how they dealt with the challenges etc. I am very pleased with the results of American Idol. It would have been nice for Michael Sarver to win since he is from Jasper, Texas (about an hour from my home). Kari, Matt and I spent many Tuesday nights on two phones voting for him. Adam became the judges favorite and you could tell. I, however, was not a fan of Adam. He can sing. I just don't particularly like his voice. Yay for Kris Allen!


Amanda N Jeremy Page said...

Okay so for summer coming, ready or not it is coming. I know what you mean.
Anyways, I feel the same way about the shows, I have not been able to find anything to watch.
CSI: This season was just not has good without Warrick and Grissom. Biggest Loser: Yes I feel the same way, Hell's Kitchen rocked I loved both of them from the beginning, Amazing Race: sorry I wanted the mom and son, Celebrity Apprentice: I got bored with it half way though the season and I HATED Annie the Poker Champion. Oh and I never watched American Idol cause it came on same time as Biggest Loser!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

you should probably start watching the bachelorette and so you think you can dance. oh and maybe a lil america's got talent. those are my fave summer shows!

Shane said...

I don't think I like ANY of those shows. Look at summer this way, now you can catch up on all the movies you've been missing! You can always come visit us and go swimming with us. We almost go swimming every night during the summer.

shayla said...

I was also pretty disappointed in the way Biggest Loser turned out. I liked Filipe best. Too bad he didn't make it to the final. And I'm definitely glad Kris Allen won out over Adam. Although I was hoping for a Danny Gokey win. I loved that guy. Now I just gotta figure out who I want to win So You Think You Can Dance. There don't seem to be many great shows on right now. Brent really likes Mental, but I haven't gotten into it.

Aside from the TV stuff, I'm with you. I don't much like Summer either. I don't even own a swimsuit.