Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For Awna D

For those of you that don't know, Awna D is my mom. That's what all of her grandkids started calling her. Kari decided it was going to be Momma D and Hunter and the rest of them have changed it about 3 or 4 times. Meredith just calls her D, but the rest call her Awna D.

Other nicknames we have -
Dad is Geezer - that's right as in Old Geezer - Kari came up with this one too!
Kari is Aunt Squirt
Cristopher - Uncle Crick - but he wants to go by Uncle Scrooge or Uncle Geezer (he's a lot like dad)
Mom's Parents - Grammer (her mom) and Grumps (her dad - Adam and Matt decided if Grumps was a cartoon character, he would be the old man in this

Anyways...on with my post...Mom and Dad have bought Parker a few Monkeys since we are doing his nursery in that. We picked out monkey bedding (see this post) and then decided on the argyle bedding (see this post).

Mom went shopping with Grammer and found a light blue monkey because she said it would match his argyle bedding better. The brown ones still match though because of the brown trim and lines. He was playing with it this morning on my bed and I turned on the movie Twilight and went to go get a drink quick and when I came back, this is how he was laying...

That's right he was still awake (although I thought he was asleep) watching the beginning of Twilight!


Brian K Baity said...

I like the photo on the bottom of this set. Very cool. I am happy for you and Adam.