Tuesday, May 26, 2009


While Adam we gone at his Adfed Competition, we went and stayed with my sister in Lufkin, although I was sick most of the time, we had a lot of fun hanging out. We went to the ball park with Hunter and everyone else for practice and they have a park with baby swings. I put Parker in one to see how he would do and he sat up in it pretty well.
I found this one on my phone and I love his face so I wanted to share it.

The next three are from yesterday of a huge rainbow that we saw at the Allred's. However, it was almost gone by the time I got my phone out to take a picture.

These next two are for Uncle Matt. He loves Ketchup. It has to be Heinz though. This bottle was huge (not sure what brand it was) but I wanted to take a picture to show Matt.

Then we put it next to Parker to get a quick shot to see how big it really was. Parker tried to eat it.

At Walmart yesterday, I convinced Adam to let me get Parker these cute shoes. He liked the brown and blue ones better but they didn't have them in his size. So Adam let me get the blue and lime green ones. They look almost like water shoes to me. I took the pictures with my phone so they are kind of dark, but I'll post better ones soon.

We go to the doctor tomorrow for his 4 month check up (yes almost two weeks later...I need to see if they can do it closer to time for his next appointment). I'll post his stats tomorrow!


Ryan and Jacquie said...

fun pics. i love his new shoes. they're adorable!