Friday, October 9, 2009

I sit here on the little (well it's not so little) exercise bike trying to work off the dinner I ate and thinking about different things hoping the time will pass so I can get off and go sit on the couch with my husband and little boy who has yet to fall asleep. I hear him talking and playing in the living room and it just has me thinking a lot...

I can't believe I'm a mom to a 9 month old.

I can't believe that this time last year I was a college student and a wife and pregnant.

I can't believe that Adam is now a 25 year old as of today and this is his second birthday to celebrate since we have been married.

I can't believe we have been married a year and a half.

I can't believe we used to spend almost every waking moment at my mom's house and now we hardly see her.

I can't believe I have two sisters that randomly call me and want me to come over. We used to fight all the time as kids and now it's like we have become best friends.

I can't believe how I give into the peer pressure my sisters give me. And they can't say they don't pressure me. It's like I am so grateful for the invitations I get from them, that I don't want to turn them down or let them down.

I can't believe I just missed my little boys first steps sitting in here exercising. Aunt Squirt just walked in and I heard her say come give me a kiss and I hear everyone clapping and cheering and saying yay you did it! Then Matt and Adam come in and say he took a few steps.

I can't believe how OCD I have become over the years. If a cereal bag or chip back isn't turned down just right, I redo it. If something isn't clean enough I re-clean it. If something isn't folded just right, I refold it. It's not an intentional thing, I just do it. In fact, some friends of ours ask me how to fold the blankets when they are getting ready to leave so that I won't unfold it and refold it.

I can't believe how many flashbacks I have had lately to school but mostly to college in Idaho and being with my friends and all the good times and the bad. The laughs, the cries, the food, the parties, the diets, the exercises (mostly wasn't me sadly), the dates, the boyfriends, the crazy guys that randomly show up at your door, the roommates boyfriends always eating all your food, the walking to class together, walking to church together, just having fun being friends. I miss it sometimes. A reunion needs to happen soon I feel!

But then again, I can believe it. It has all happened. It has all changed my life in one way or another and I am happy with my life and how things turned out.


Heather said...

What!!! Parky took steps! What the crap...whats up with that!?

I know what you mean about reflecting. Shane and I are coming up on 7 years of marriage. Its nuts because we are FINALLY buying our first home, have the TWO kids, newer more dependable car...etc. It was like once I stopped worrying about when all this would happen, it all happened at ONCE! LOL

I think a lot about the good ole' days but really I wouldn't trade where I am now and what I KNOW now for how things were back then. Sure, in a way things were much more simple, but I didn't know my kids back then and didn't know who I was. Its crazy how fast time goes by though. Seems like only yesterday I was still in high school.

Kimberly said...

exactly heather...thats exactly how i feel

John & Marie Haynes said...

This was Parker's way of saying

John & Marie Haynes said...

I mean how cool is it when your son takes his first steps for your birthday...grandpa