Sunday, October 25, 2009


Field Mouse number 2 decided to come and envade our house. We walked in tonight from Mom's house and I said it stinks and Adam said, it smells like the trash and that he would take it out. He pulled the garbage can out to pull the trash bag out and found a little mouse stuck to the glue trap and said that is probably what is stinking. It looks as though it has been there for a day or so. I was finally getting over the feeling of being vandalized I guess you could say and now it is back.

I don't want to use rat poison and found a mouse randomly somewhere in my house or not find it until the smell leads me to it. Adam said it looks like we are catching them almost as soon as they get in because there is no poop or traces of them anywhere and boy did I make him look everywhere! Any ideas on how to get rid of the nasty things? Anything that goes outside has to be kid and pet friendly, but what works? HELP!


Ryan and Jacquie said...

YUMMY!! You should get a cat to protect your house. It works everytime!!