Saturday, February 26, 2011

About Time it Fell Off!

Today was one of those days where you just wanted to lounge and do nothing - especially after the night we had!  Riglee slept from 12-4:30 and then she was awake until 6:30 and wanted to be held!  Not fun!  Parker woke up at 6:00 wanting Awna D, Kia and Matt.  I think he even asked where Justin and Caryn were - but I was so tired who knows.  I finally got Riglee to sleep and then went and cuddled Parker in his bed to sleep.  Adam had to be at work at 8:45 this morning - so it was all me trying to get the two back to sleep!

Riglee then woke up about 9ish wanting food - I was glad I got to sleep that long!

No one showed up for Adam's workshop so he was home before 10 and then Kari showed up to work on stuff.  We spent the rest of the morning visiting and shopping online with Kari and Mom.  Then Kari, Mom and Parker cleaned Kari's car - I'll have to post pictures of that later!

The real reason I'm blogging tonight though - is so that I'll remember today was the day that Riglee's Umbilical Cord finally fell off!  We kept hoping it would happen and it finally did.  It was a stubborn thing.  So tonight she took her first real bath that wasn't a sponge bath (thanks to Awna D)! 

It's been a big help staying with my parents for a while.  They have both been a huge help with both of the kids - in fact every evening Mom comes in from work, feeds Riglee her evening bottle and then they snooze together in the chair until it's time for her late night bottle and bed!  I'll have to get pictures of that one night!