Monday, April 21, 2008


I guess so people won't be asking me for the next few days how the steak fingers were, I will let you all know my loving husband didn't make them for me. His eye was bothering him so bad, he slept and then had to wake up to get homework done and work on a website for someone. So I ate a Lean Cuisine. It was pretty tasty. I made Adam one too. He was pretty satisfied for now. But I bet he will be hungry again in about 30 minutes. They never fill him up long enough. :)


Eric & Hilary said...

i was pretty curious about the steak fingers. lol the updated blog looks great kim! our gas oven always sets off our fire alarm too it's really annoying. i hate gas.

Amanda & Jeremy Page said...

sorry he did not make them. Thanks for the ideal because I decide to make them...LOL I even went and bought me a deep fryer. You will get use to gas I promise. When we lived in Buna we had gas and we were always setting it off so we just took the battery out of the alarm by the kitchen and would open windows when we cook. You will figure out a way to cook. If nothing out Adam loves anything fried.