Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cause you had a bad day...

First let me start off by saying if you don't want to hear about my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day then it is time to close our blog right now.

I started off this morning by not wanting to get out of bed. I had to be at work at 8 this morning and had to shower and all that. So I got out of bed at about 6:45 and didn't want to. Right at 8 o'clock, I got a phone call about a package. A customer was shipping something to someone and they had scammed her. I guess it was an ebay thing or something the buyers check bounced and I dunno so I had to call and stop the package in transit and have it returned to us. Then I got another call about a package that was supposed to be delivered on the 21 and it still hadn't been delivered so I had to hear about that and make phone calls etc. Then I had a phone call about a returned package. We have corporate accounts where they pay for the shipment and the guys numbers were pulling up in the computer for it to be one of those shipments, so I was on hold for over an hour. While on the phone, it was busy, Adam was trying to get money from me to go to the bank for the store and to buy toner for the fax machine, he was waiting on customers, I was waiting on customers. Then I had a particular customer come in.

Please note I was still on the phone. This customer wanted me to change the layout of a piece of paper she had. Also note it was not an original it was already a copy. It took me three or four times to get it switched and she was made because it wasn't very clear. I explain (while on hold still) that when making a copy of a copy it isn't going to be very clear. Then she wanted me to make a copy of two pieces of paper that had highlights on it. I asked if she wanted it in color. She said I don't know I want it to look just like this. So I made the copies so the highlights would be yellow just like she had it. I go to charge her and she got mad because she said I charged her too much. I charged her for two color copies and only one black and white. She said that she didn't get a color copy and I explained that when you copy anything that has any color besides black and white, it is considered a color copy. She said this isn't a color copy and I explained it again. I handed her the receipt and her change and told her to have a great day. I picked up a package and carried it to the back and she told Adam I needed an attitude adjustment. haha. Sure the customer is always right, but come on, she didn't know what a color copy was and wanted a picture vertical on the page not horizontal. What does it matter, she said she would cut it out anyways.

So still on hold I call the guy back about the corporate shipment, he told me to hang up and he would call a supervisor to get correct numbers. I hear Jenna was on hold for over an hour again today and so was Lindsay. We aren't supposed to do that. If the numbers don't work, they don't work.

As a wedding gift we had our dishes sent to them. I was so excited to have dishes, however when Janelle and I were putting them in the dishwasher at mom's to clean them, the very last bowl was broken. So we cleaned all that we had and I tried to return it today. She said without a receipt she couldn't do anything cause it was over $20.00. I said but we got it like this can't we just switch out the bowl. She assured me that they would not sell a broken item and we must have broken it. Do stores inspect everything they get in before it goes on the shelf and take everything out of the box to check it, no I think not. I was kinda ticked. I said okay well if I get a receipt can I just bring the bowl back and switch it out and she said yeah if we have it in stock. I said okay thanks for the info and have a great day.

Needless to say I came to mom's house to hang out with Janelle and Meredith because they always put me in a good mood. I took a little nap, woke up and played mario cart on the wii with Janelle and now we are watching American Idol. Well trying to. We were watching the recorded version cause we missed the first ten or so minutes and the recording is all messed up. So we missed half of it. UGH.

On a positive note, I am healthy, Adam is healthy. The semester is almost over. And now Hell's Kitchen is coming on. Court is on his way with food for Janelle and me and afterwards Court, Janelle, Adam and me are going to have a Mario Cart Comptetion cause Court went to get two more controllers. I stink at the game and fall off or end up in the grass. But it is fun hanging out with court and janelle we love it!


Matt said...

i hate the ups store haha...i'm so sick of working here but i dont have another job...i can't wait to come home and beat you at mario kart either =) tell adam i said what up

Hilary said...

that lady with the copies sucks you-know-what.

i bet she was old :)