Friday, April 25, 2008


I will start out with the good news first. We went to an Awards Ceremony for the Communication Department at Lamar for Adam. He was recognized for competing last week at a competition, got the outstanding Junior Award for Advertising, and was again inducted into the Communication Honor Society. I hope I got all that right. It all kinda went over my head. Before the awards we had a nice dinner. Haha Nice ended up being not so nice.

Our appetizer drink choices was water or orange juice. Orange Juice, weird at that kind of thing I think. So Adam went and got me water and he brought it back. It was about four sacrament cups is all the size was and mine had a floaty. I hate seeing things in my water. So then we get in line for our food. The salad looked edible, the dressing was okay, the mashed potatoes were not so mashed, the green beans were crunchy and not cooked well, the chicken fried steak was tough, the rolls were cold, and we could have water or tea for our drink. I picked water and had a floaty on the side of my glass again. AHHHH.

It started at 6:30 well was supposed to but didn't end up starting until 7 or 7:15 and was over at 10 finally. I was ready to go home but trying to be a supportive wife letting him tell his friends hello and goodbye. He won't see some of them ever again. On the way home I said that I wanted a frosty and french fries. I like dipping my fries in my frosty. (No I am not pregnant, I have liked it for a long time.) Adam orders a small frosty and small fries for me and gets up to the window and they tell him they are all out of frosties. How Can Wendy's Not have FROSTIES??? What is the deal with that. How could they. What were they thinking. UGH. Not appropriate behavior by any means. I didn't just want the fries either so Adam tells them nevermind and comes home. I ended up eating a bowl of fruity pebbles. Can You believe it. I am so disappointed. It makes me almost never want to go back. But whatever. I am through ranting and adam wants his computer to get some work done. So that is all for now. Goodnight and goodluck with whatever you have to do this weekend.


Hilary said...

Kim, I get so pissed over food. Like when you're at a big thing and the food runs out....ERRR! You try to be polite even when you see the same guy get up for sixths on something.

Anyway, sorry about your night. But I love how you measured in Sacrament cups. Haha!