Sunday, April 13, 2008

It has been a crazy week with working, delivering tax papers for dad, and with Adam at school all the time, I feel like I haven't had time to do anything. Adam has a presentation in Dallas for school next week so he has been so busy getting things ready. I decided I hated my hair being long so I went and got my hair cut and Adam said he wanted red in it. So some of these pictures are of my new hair cut so everyone can see it.
Meredith wasn't so happy to take a picture

The back. It is so short and I need my lil sister here to straighten it for me. It is so hard to do the back. Adam tried this morning for church and we were not so successful.

The colors are so pretty I love them
I get tired of my picture getting taken so I have to make it interesting. :)

This is my new sister in law Andrea. (I still don't know how to rotate pictures. ugh)

We had a birthday party to go to yesterday, Adam had to work on his project, we took Andrea's senior pictures (well Adam and my Sister-in-law Janelle) took the pictures. I just walked around and enjoyed the beautiful weather and a Saturday off with my husband in between working at school.

I also felt bad this weekend, because I picked Meredith up out of her crib and brought her to Janelle and when I sat on the couch she started crying and reaching for me. I felt so bad. Janelle started calling me her mom and said she was now Aunt Janelle. Haha. When Meredith started crying, I said Janelle here you go she is crying and she told me I was the mom to take care of it. Oh goodness. I don't like that. It makes me not really ready for my own kids (when we get one) because when they cry, then I can't pass them off. I'm the fun aunt. We play and get food and shop and I buy them whatever they want (well before I was married and had tons of bills and responsibility). I will try to keep everyone posted on here, but it's not so easy with our busy lives.

For now this is all the news I have to share.


The Musson Family said...

Hey Kim! Love the hair cut and color. Welcome to the world of the redheads. I'm glad to see you are doing great and that married life is treating you well. Take care.

shayla said...

Your hair is awesome! I love it! The red is very fun. I need to be brave and do something new. I've had the same hairdo for 15 years! =(

Sunshine said...

Kim, your hair is so sassy and cute! Way to be brave and get it done. The cool thing is about having your own kids, you don't mind as much when they cry and whine- and as long as you live close to family you will have help! Glad you are doing good despite the business!

Eric & Hilary said...

love the hair kim! it looks really cute! And the red is pretty!

Amanda & Jeremy Page said...

Hey Girl, I love the Hair, it looks great! I wish I am brave enough to cut my hair that short. LOL

Matt said...

hey kim...if you just open the picture on your computer using the windows picture viewer...theres a button at the bottom to rotate it...then when you close it, it should be right side up...THEN upload it onto blogger and it should be correct =)...cute hair though