Monday, April 21, 2008

Family Update

This is a pic of Adam at his competition.

I just wanted to pop on and update everyone on our lives. Adam's project is finally over! I have a husband back! He was at school all the time working and at times he wouldn't get home until 3 am sometimes later. They presented in Dallas this past week at the competition and got 8th. The whole team is very bummed about it. They worked so hard but I guess it wasn't exactly what the judges were looking for.

We kept Matt's younger brothers this weekend so their mom could go out of town. I guess they had fun. Adam played video games with them until wee hours of the morning. I think that is all they did the whole weekend. Their mom probably wouldn't approve because they did nothing productive all weekend but go to church (well one went to the temple). Oh well life goes on. Adam was the boss. :)

We are doing well as a whole. I still won't cook on the stove/oven because it's gas and all the alarms went off last time we tried. So we eat lots of meals at mom's house. :) I think I might get Adam to cook Steak Fingers tonight though. It sounds Delicious! Good thing we got lots of appliances when we got married. Like a crock pot, fryer, etc.

I think that is all the exciting news I have today. I'll try to post closer to the end of the week.