Saturday, April 26, 2008


You now it feels so good to serve sometimes. Well all the time if your heart is in the right place. We went this morning and volunteered for two hours at the Rubber Ducky Derby and really didn't do too much, but it was fun to help and serve. Then we came to my parents house and I rocked Meredith to sleep and we took a nap in the love sac for two hours or so. It was so fun. I have gotten to take a nap with her the past three days and have enjoyed it. I am going to miss her when she goes to see her Aunts and Uncles on the Riley side (and the Utah Fruges). Things are going really well. I am over not getting my frosty last night. Adam's been hanging out all day while I have spent time with Meredith. It has been fun and eventful! I think Adam's little sister is coming to spend the night tonight but I'm not sure. It should be fun. It's always fun at our house (that's why I'm at mom's most of the time haha). Well I just wanted to post about the RDD (rubber ducky derby) and how fun it was.