Friday, April 25, 2008


It has been a terrific day to say the least. We have been very busy. We woke up early and babysat Meredith for a few hours while Janelle went to the dentist. Luckily, she slept almost the whole time. We cuddled in the love sack and it was so peaceful and fun (and I got a nap too :)) . Then Adam headed to school to further his education and I was off to work to make the "big bucks". I am in the process of hiring someone so I did a few interviews, and the normal stuff. Then back off to Mom's house to see what was going on since Adam wasn't home yet. Nothing really as normal just chit chat.

Tomorrow we have some awards ceremony to go to for his communication classes. We have to pay 15 bucks a person to go. Even Adam had to pay. Isn't that dumb. They could have at least paid for him. UGH.

Saturday we are volunteering at a Rubber Ducky Derby. Not sure what we will be doing but I hope I can be useful some how. I feel bad because Lindsay has to attend a funeral, Jenna had plans, so John is working for the 5th or 6th Saturday in a row. I feel so bad, but I feel I need to go help serve. So off to serve we will go and even though I feel bad about John working.

One day I hope life will slow down and we will be able to settle down and start a family, but it's not looking like that will happen any time soon.

Adam got word from his advisor tonight that he should be able to graduate in December and they were going to work something out for the two classes in the Fall that were at the same time. I am excited because then he can work on getting a decent job in January or February and start making big big bucks. I hate that everything is so expensive and we have to depend on money for so many things.

Gas prices need to go back down. It is $3.40 here and that is way to expensive for me. Good thing work is only a mile up the road and mom's is about 2 :). I recon that is all I have for tonight.