Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dinner and a TV Star

Last night I wanted to cook dinner and bake something. I've been in the mood for a while and just haven't done it so last night I made gumbo (didn't take a picture for proof sorry) and chocolate chip cookies for dessert (my roommates used to get treated to this all the time...I told them I wanted to open a restaurant and serve gumbo and chocolate chip cookies...they laughed and it because the big joke in our apartment)

I was in the mood again today and asked my older sister, Caryn, for a good recipe. So she gave me a recipe for Cavatini. It turned out amazing if I do say so myself. Adam and Matt each ate 2 or 3 helpings and Kari and Mom both said they liked it. Yay! I made green beans to go with it and bread and made oatmeal scotchies (oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips) for dessert!

Here is where Parker was while I was baking and cooking...Hanging out with Aunt Squirt and Uncle Matt!!

Kari's news director, Angel San Juan has a birthday on Friday. Friday is also Parker's 2 month birthday. It is crazy to think that he is eight weeks old today and that Friday is is two month birthday. We wanted them to take a picture together so that they could post it on the morning show on the news to tell them Happy Birthday! So make sure you watch for Parker (our lil tv star) on Channel 4 (on Time Warner it's channel 2 - it's the fox channel).


Ryan and Jacquie said...

YAY for cooking again! it looks so yummy. come cook for me :)

Heather said...

Parker looks real thrilled there in that last photo lol.

Sarah Fruge said...

It actually looks good. (Not many things look good to me at the moment!) Did you save me some?

Becky said...

You and Parker have both been on tv in the past month! How lucky am I to have friends who are tv stars?!