Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures (and a video!)

Kari is the weekend producer at Fox 4. They want people to send in pictures for people's birthdays and anniversaries and they will announce it on the air during their morning show and show the pictures. Since my birthday is tomorrow Kari wanted to send a picture in. This is the one Adam emailed her to send in. I wish I looked this hot all the time. This is from my Bridal Shower last February!

Parker and I went to spend the night with Caryn and her family last night. They got a new basset hound on Sunday and that's the kind of puppy Adam eventually wants so he said I had to get pictures of Parker with the puppy. Hunter named him Jake. He named the last dog they had Jake too. I guess he thinks that every dogs name is Jake. Parker wasn't real interested and wasn't too sure how to act.He didn't even look at Jake at first.

He wasn't too sure how to react I suppose. He is just chillin.

At first Jake was licking Parker's toes. Then he decided that his toes were a chew toy. Puppies chew on everything and thought that Parker's toes would be perfect. We ended that real quick.

Isn't he cute?!?

This is a video of Taylor singing in the car. Kari said the last video I posted I should have edited and I should know how because I took and editing class my last semester of school, but I don't have that program. Anyone know and easy way for me to edit my videos before I post them?


Heather said...

Cute cute cute! Parker is starting to favor you more than Adam! Crazy how that works! It looks like we won't get down there until JUNE to come see you guys. Ugh. I will be nice and pregnant by then so it should be fun.

Ryan and Jacquie said...

you ARE hot kim!!! jake is cute. i love how dogs are cute when they're puppies then they get parker doesn't look so impressed.