Sunday, March 29, 2009


Adam helped me make this layout...What do you think? Is my creativity getting better? Do you Love it? Like it? Hate it? Tips, Comments, Questions, Suggestions?


Hilary said...

I like it. But you should make the rope a little lighter and yellower...looks kinda like its in a shadow. Just letting you know because I know Adam can help you :)

shayla said...

I do like it! Especially the bows. Maybe a cute little family picture on the header tag? Framed with more green ribbon? I dunno. I make my husband do all our blog layouts.

Becky said...

Love this layout!

Kimberly said...

I know Hil. I told Adam about it. Haha. Maybe we'll fix it.

Shayla - Yeah I thought about doing a picture, but then I dunno.

Thanks Becky!!