Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday and Parker

Channel 4 does birthdays in the morning and since Kari is the weekend producer, she wanted to submit a few in. Janelle doesn't live here so she didn't get to see her name on tv so here it is. Happy Birthday Janelle!!!!

My husband gave me my birthday and anniversary (we will be married a year on Sunday, March 8) last night because he had to work today and then had a meeting from 5-9 tonight. I needed a new driver seat and passanger seat cover and a steering wheel cover because my other ones were getting so nasty. I like to have them so that if anything spills, it doesn't get on the actual seat. That way my seats stay clean. Adam is a big fan of argyle and I have become a fan of it too. Isn't it cute? The steering wheel cover is like memory foam or something. It's soft and nice.

When Parker woke up this morning and I fed him, I laid him down on a pillow next to me so I could check my email and do other things on the computer. This is how he is most comfortable sleeping.

He will be 8 weeks old on Tuesday. He is getting so big and strong. He holds his head up well as you could tell from his bumbo pictures in previous blogs and as you can tell from the below pictures, he can straighten his legs and stand up. Sometimes he will only do it a few seconds, but sometimes he will do it for about a minutes or so. In the pictures I'm just supporting his upper body, he is doing the standing all on his own. He is so cute. I had just taken him out of the bath and was getting him dressed and picked him up talking to him and he decided he was in the mood to stand up!


Becky said...

That's awesome you were on the news!!! How cool! And sweet new car seat covers. That are perdy!

Parker is such a strong little boy! Look at him go!

Matt said...

sooo Parker kinda blends in with the bed in the ones where hes asleep with his arms up...hes like a freakin cameleon!!! maybe he is a super hero...

Ryan and Jacquie said...

you were on the news and you looked HOT!!! looks like you got spoiled for your bday. love the car stuff. and of course...parker is adorable :)