Friday, March 20, 2009


I wanted to do my own background because I wanted to be able to say that I did it. Well after a lot of frustration, I did about half of it or so...Adam helped me a lot since I have never done it before and never used photoshop before. I am not totally finished with it yet, but I'm almost there. Here are some fun pictures and a video of Parker. Enjoy!

This is him chillin in his Bumbo so I could attempt to work on my background. Notice he is in the middle of my bed so he won't fall off and I never left him for a second. I wouldn't want him to get hurt!
He likes his tub time...Well most of the time. He looks kinda scared in this picture. But he is precious!
I love how he is just chillin and relaxing after his nice warm bath. He is such a good baby.
Parker is sporting his St Patrick's Day Shirt that Aunt Caryn got him...
And here he is wishing Aunt Caryn were here to celebrate with him. :( Poor Thing
This is him in his Future Rock Star Onesie Aunt Andrea Got him. Can you tell his Dad's side of the family is into music???
Lately he has wanted something in his mouth at all times...Could be a bottle, His Pacifier, His finger, Your finger, but usually it is his fist. Precious huh.
He sits up in his bumbo pretty good. Unfortuantely he wasn't willing to smile to much for the video. Sad day.


Becky said...

He looks like such a big boy in that bumbo! He's such a cutie!!

Amanda N Jeremy Page said...

Hey Girl,
Good job on the layout, it is cute. I love the pictures of Parker. The onies that Andrea got, I saw and so thought of my brother but did not have the money that day to get it. Glad I didn't! Anyways, keep the pictures coming!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

i LOVE the background kim. great job!! and of course...cute pics!

John & Marie Haynes said...

It's really not his fault that he's the MOST PRECIOUS boy in the WORLD !!!
Sorry mom and dad, but you guys take back seat to Granny Ree's SWEET BOY !!! at least for a little while.
I luv the layout. I wish I could do some of that stuff. Great job !