Sunday, February 15, 2009


I wanted to post pictures of Parker's newest outfits thanks to friends and family. One of my good friends growing up and her mom gave us the cutest outfits and I couldn't not share them with everyone. Our nursery is monkeys. Of course you would never guess that because so far all we have are a few monkey stuffed animals and monkey clothes. I have yet to get Parker his bedding, lamp, mobile, etc. I guess I am waiting for us to get rich first or for a friend or relative to buy them. I dunno. I think they are precious from BabiesRUs, but then again, I picked them out so I would think that :)I think the bedding is so cute and the crib sheet is the dots and monkeys all over it. One day I'll have it for him. Hopefully before he is big enough to sleep in his own room in the crib.

Aunt Caryn found this cute shirt for him for Saint Patrick's Day. I love it! Thanks Aunt Caryn.

All of the following pictures are from Maren and Sister Petersen. I love them!!!! Thanks. We really do appreciate it. I washed them tonight and can't wait to see Parker in them. Cute overalls with a monkey head.

I love that the monkey is on a pocket on the hat. Sorry that the up close one is a little blurry. It says little hunk. So cute!!

I love this one. It says I'm just Bananas over Mommy. The pants are precious. I cannot express how much I love these outfits!!!

My Aunt, Cousin and Grandma got us this measure thing at the shower and I keep forgetting to put Parker up next to it so that every month you can see how much he is growing. Do you know how hard it is to get a baby to straighten his legs long enough for you to take a picture?!? Well at least it is hard with Parker. He is very independent and wants to be postitioned how he wants to be not how you want him to be. The measure thing starts at 20 inches. So it is looking like he is about 23 inches long now!!


Amanda N Jeremy Page said...

Cute stuff! By the way I am sending a package tomorrow for Parker. Sorry it is so late. I keep looking for more stuff to put in it. Anyways, love the pictures!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

that bedroom stuff is SO cute! i love it. and i love the new outfits. the lil monkey theme is cute.

shayla said...

Yeah, someone needs to get that bedding for Parker. It is stinkin' cute. Just like your monkey boy!