Monday, February 16, 2009

YAY for Great Husbands/Dads

Adam came home from work and I was so excited. I have been in a cleaning mood lately, but it really only hits me in the evenings. I guess it is because Adam is here to keep an eye on Parker for me and take care of him so I don't have to stop what I am doing. He is such a great dad. Tonight I got so much done. My fourth load of laundry is about to go in the dryer. The bathroom is clean and organized. I finally got Parker's bathroom stuff in the cabinet. It's been in a basket in the living room for some random reason. I got our room cleaned up. I even vacuumed our floor. Our living room is pretty much clean. I need to vacuum it. I organized Parker's room some more. We have a twin bed in there with his crib and the twin bed has been covered with toys and spoons (etc) that we haven't needed for him yet. I organized his drawers so that I could put all of his stuff in a drawer. We haven't gotten a matress or his bedding for his crib yet so right now it has all of our extra blankets and his diaper bags. I have three or four because sometimes I just need a tiny one and other times I need my big one. I have a few in between. I have showered and dried my hair and all of this got done after 8:00 tonight. Yay for Adam coming home at 5:00 to take care of Parker and for running with us to target and to get dinner!


Lydia said...

i LOVE a clean house! lol

Ryan and Jacquie said...

wow! you got a ton accomplished. good job kim!!!

shayla said...

3 or 4 diaper bags? You go girl! I'm still using the nasty free one that they give you at the hospital. :(