Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

So who made up this holiday anyways? I never really understood why we had a day to celebrate love. Shouldn't we do it everyday to our significant others whomever they may be. I don't remember us celebrating Valentine's Day while Adam and I were dating. Sad huh?!? Pathetic. But I'll remember this one forever. It is the first V Day since we have been married.

I woke up at 5 with Parker and fed him and fell back asleep and slept until 7:45. I let Parker and Adam sleep while I got showered and dressed for my happy day. This included drying my hair, straightening it, and putting on makeup. When Adam finally woke up and got out of bed, this is how he found Parker. Adam said this picture makes him look like he had a rough night. hahaHe was so sleepy, but I wanted to get a picture of his outfit. It was kinda Valentinesy (is that even a word) so I thought it would be appropriate for the day. It's a monkey.
We had a baby shower for a good family friend that is having twins next month! We are so excited for her and her husband. The below picture is our good friend Jan (who we had the shower for) holding Parker for the first time.
After the shower, my wonderful husband showed up with a single long stem red rose tied to a chi straightener. I was so excited. My straightener is dying and doesn't work very well anymore so he got me a new one. He was supposed to get a new cell phone or cd player. I didn't go get it because I wanted him to get what he wanted since it was such a big spend. So far he hasn't gotten one yet. I did surprise him with these flip flops. If you know Adam, you know he loves his flip flops.He took me to dinner at an Italian Restaurant here in town. A friend of ours was our waitress and I was pretty happy about that because it was great service and we got in and out of there fast. (Hopefully it wasn't awkward because it was an ex-girlfriend of Adams. Do you think that's weird or would be weird. Serving and ex-boyfriend and his wife dinner on Valentine's Day?) We were trying to catch a movie so we were glad it was fast. We got to the movie theater and it was packed (especially with kids/young teens). We decided we would just walk around the mall and then go get ice cream.

We got two cute onesies for Parkerand a cute new bag that I'm going to use for a diaper bag for now. It matches all my other luggage!
Then we went to Marble Slab and got ice cream. I got cheesecake with strawberries. He got a shake.
We went back to mom's and got our little boy and headed home. He is amazing!! I took this of Kari earlier today. She is crazy sometimes. That's a lifesaver in her mouth. She opened her mouth right as the camera flashed. Cute Kari. Cute.


Ryan and Jacquie said...

yes i think that would have been poor girl. didn't it make you feel so good to be like "ya i'm married to him and you're not" lol. it sounds like you had a great day and were spoiled rotten :) good job adam