Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blessing Day

Parker was blessed today in church. Several people came to participate. The circle consisted of
John (Adam's Dad),
David (Matt's Dad and like Adam's second Dad),
Nick (my Dad),
Court (my brother),
Kevin (my brother),
Justin (Caryn's husband-my brother in law),
Matt (Kari's husband-my brother in law),
Grumps (my mom's dad)
and Uncle Andy (my mom's brother).

It was a neat blessing and I can honestly say I teared up a little bit. I'm blaming it on the hormones still kind of out of whack, but call it how you like. Matt took our picture for us today. I look pretty hideous, but life goes on.

Here is a close up of cute little Parker. It is hard getting a 3 week old to cooperate for a camera!

He is still so little, but getting big at the same time. That doesn't really make a lot of sense, but you get what I'm saying and if not, eh oh well.

Thanks everyone for coming and being with us for this special day in our son's life. We appreciate everything greatly!


JJB said...

Kimmers, I thought of yall all day....I hope ou got my text..sweet lil Parker, we love you,and congrats on your blessing day! What a special, handsome boy you are, can't wait to see you! Love yall, and Kimmers you looks so beautiful! Love yall, Miss Jan

Heather said...

SO sad we missed it...blame Shane it wasn't all his fault. Getting time off from being a nanny means putting the family I nanny for in a bind so yeah...not sure when we will make it down there. Too bad Buna isn't like a three hour drive. Then we could come up on a Saturday and leave Sunday. Even Friday through Sunday wears me out. It's too much driving! Actually it will be worse now that I am pregnant and having to pee every half hour. Ugh the joys of pregnancy!

Amanda N Jeremy Page said...

Cute Pictures I was so sad that I had to miss it. It was just too soon but I am still trying to find a way to get back to Texas. Just a 14 hour drive is long by myself.