Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ranting and Raving

I went to two doctors today. I had my second checkup with my ob/gyn since Parker was born and my first checkup with the endocrinologist since Parker was born. Here's how it went.

Appointment was today at 9:00 am
Arrive at 8:55 and sign in
Get called back at 8:57
Get weighed and blood pressure checked
Doctor isn't in yet from a morning procedure - nurse says he'll be there shortly
9:05 - 9:10 Doctor arrives and comes in and checks everything out - tells me everything is great
9:15 - Set up next appointment with Receptionist
9:17 - Walking out the door and loading up Parker in the car and go run other errands

Endocrinologist - Gestational Diabetes Doc
Appointment was today at 3:20 pm (odd time right?!?)
Arrive about 3:18 and sign in
Receptionist is on the phone and tells me she will be right with me
Receptionist gets my insurance card and makes a copy
I go and sit down next to Mom and Parker
I check my cell phone for the time...3:34 pm
UGH are you kidding me? It's only been 14 minutes.
Play with Parker a little bit while other names are being called back
3:45-3:50 Lady that arrives after me gets called back before me
4:25 Finally get called back and get weighed
4:27 or around there - get in the room and get my blood pressure and blood sugar checked - 100 and I ate at 1:30 (taco salad) not too shabby considering I ate a lot of chips
4:35 Doctor comes in room - asks for my blood sugar numbers from the past 6 weeks
Tells me they are high towards the end - I explain that I haven't been doing his lil diet thing
He tells me to come back Friday Morning for a 2 hour glucose test
Doctor listens to me breathe with stethoscope, feels my throat (why I do not know) and checks my legs for swelling
Doctor leaves room (only in there a total of 3 minutes)
I am totally mad about Friday - grab Parker and my bags and go to front desk
No one is there
I wait around a few minutes it seems (at least 2 or 3 for sure) and no one comes - so I leave

Why the heck didn't he have me do the stupid 2 hour test weeks ago? What is the point of checking my sugars for 6 months to see me for 3 minutes and check my throat? Is he a throat doctor? No! Why didn't he ask me if Friday was okay? Why did he just tell me? Who does he think he is?

Why the heck did it take so long to get in to the endocrinologist. Doctors think it's okay to have patients wait for forever before they see them. If you sit at a restaurant for too long without being waited on, you don't tip the waitress. So why do we pay the doctor when we wait for over 1/2 an hour. Why do they charge so much. $100 bucks for him to see you for 2 seconds how is that fair. Why do they get away with crap like this? It is so annoying. I don't think they deserve to treat people like that and I don't think they deserve to make that much money. How is it that the longest I've waited for my OB/GYN is 15 minutes and the shortest I've waited for the Endocrinologist is 1 hour and 5 minutes. Ridiculous. I have decided that I'll call tomorrow to make sure I am set up for Friday - Go in on Friday and take the stupid test and then I'm never going back to that doctor. He is a nice man. Don't have a problem with him. Didn't have any issues with him in the hospital. I have a problem with his office and how his office is run.

People do deserve to be treated like this. The End!


Sarah Fruge said...

I like the idea of not paying the doctors if we wait too long. That's too funny. It makes since though. I bet nobody would ever wait at the doc's anymore! LOL

The Musson Family said...

Oh Kim! You should come to Canada and our great health care system. If you are lucky here, you might get into to see a Endocrinologist 3-6 months after the baby is born. Then you might wait for 1-2 hours and you are so thankful someone is willing to look after you at all. But then again you could always go to the emerency room. They would be happy to look after you. It just might take them 7-8 hours to do so, but hey you will at least be seen (if you don't walk out first). You are a very lucky girl to be able to have the care you do. I know it cost alot, but at least your doctors care. Ours are so over worked and tired they are just happy to give you a prescription and send you on your way. So hang in there girl. It could be worse.

Heather said...

They make that much to cover the multi million dollar insurance policy they have to have on themselves for idiots that like to sue for illegitimate reasons.

Your wait is due to the fact that you live in SE Texas where everyone and anyone sees the same doctor more than likely. Move to Austin where there's tons of doctors in every field to choose from =)

Sorry it all sucked...I don't like waiting either. It totally pisses me off.

Maren said...

hey he checked you neck to make sure that your thyroid wasnt inlarged. trust me this I know for sure!!! Mine is and so I am used to that!!!!!! Sorry it sucked!!!!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

what a fun day!!