Sunday, February 8, 2009

Typical Sunday

Today has been a typical Sunday for our family. We got up and got ready for church and got there a few minutes early. Parker was great for his first Sunday to go through 3 hours of church. He would rather sleep cuddled up next to someone then alone. But he usually likes to spread out. Here are some pictures from "nap time" with Parker and Adam and "nap time" with Parker and Me.Notice that Adam is the one napping and Parker is wide awake. He likes laying with his Dad. I usually lay him next to Adam at night before we go to bed and he'll watch Adam "work" on his computer. If we lay him on his back, he'll roll on his side to cuddle up with us. If we lay him on his side, he rolls to his back.

This is his cute Sunday Outfit. He won't wear it every Sunday, but I think it's so cute that he has a tie. Thanks Marie! He had on cute corduroy khakis today too!

When Mommy lays down with Parker he goes to sleep 90% of the time. We like our nap time together. It is a great time to bond. He is still a little furnace. When I hold him I still get hot. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures. I try to post a few every couple of days so you can see how precious my little boy is. Ignore my hideous face in the picture.


Laurie Huish said...

Congratulations on your little guy! He is a cutie. I love these pictures-It is one of my favorite things to cuddle up to a sleeping baby.

Ryan and Jacquie said...

i LOVE the pic of you and him sleeping. his lil arm up in the air is adorable. his sunday outfit is cute too