Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas. We woke up at 10:00 am to my mom calling to tell us she was leaving Lufkin and heading our way. Parker woke up at 10:30. Adam and I exchanged gifts for each other and Parker played with our gifts, his gifts from Santa, and his gifts from Grandpa and Grandma. Mom, Kari and Matt came over to watch Parker open his presents. After they left we put Parker down for a nap and then Maren, Ryan and Braydon stopped by to visit us! After they left, we headed to moms to enjoy dinner with Mom, Dad (who stayed in his room most of the day - he has the flu), Kari, Matt, Grammer, Grumps, Aunt Nelwyn, Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Andy, Darrellyn, John, Katie, her step-son (I can't remember his name - shame on me) and Maloah (sp)!

More of the Presents!Some of the presents!Our Stockings. These are the ones Marie and John brought us and I left sitting out so Santa filled them instead of taking the ones off the wall. It's all good. Adam's bag behind his was a remote control car. Behind my stocking are straps for my flip flops my parents got me. Love them!
I just woke up! Where are the presents?Adam got this wall quote for me! I told him his guitar wasn't going back up in the living room and that he was going to have to hang it in its place. He didn't argue! :)
Mommy, Santa brought me Cheerios!!!
Parker got a car in his stocking
Adam loves his argyle.
I didn't realize this was the exact shirt, just different colors. OOPS!
This shirt I thought Adam was going to hate, but it turned out to be his favorite.
That's Parker telling Adam - "not fair I wanted that."
Yay! Dad is Sharing!
So cute!
Adam got me a cover for the wii fit board, wii active, bungee straps and an exercise ball. (I wasn't feeling good on Christmas Eve and told him I needed a DDP for my headache to go away and he brought home diet coke. Sad day. But he is forgiven!
Adam's back is always killing him and when he asks me for a massage, I tell him I'll give him 20 bucks and he can go to the mall and have the people standing in the middle of the mall do it. So I got him a Shiatsu Massager!
He wouldn't go in the ball pit. He would just take balls out!
The tent is from Grandma and Grandpa Haynes - the toys inside are from Santa - that's where he left them for Parker to find
Awna D came to watch him open presents! He was more into opening presents Christmas Eve than he was Christmas Day.
He's like a little birdie. If you have food he follows you and grunts until you share!
His ball pit from Santa! Santa didn't realize that 20 balls wasn't enough to fill it, but it's actually plenty because Parker keeps carrying them all over my house!
Aunt Squirt and Uncle Matt consider Parker their own.
Parker leaves cheerios all over the floor!
Adam got an Ipod Touch 3rd generation from my parents and me. He loves it!
Parker playing with the shape sorter Uncle Christopher bought him!
What a cutie!
This is his - "How could you tell me no" - face.
Stockings at moms House
Dad, Mom, Christopher, Court, Janelle, Meredith, Kevin, Sarah
Claire, Lindon, Caryn, Justin, Hunter, Taylor, Tucker, Mine, Adam
Hunter, Taylor, Tucker, Mine, Adam, Parker, Kari and Matt
Uncle Christopher got Parker a shape sorter and he kept running all over moms house with the green square from it! Thanks Uncle Christopher
The Desserts - minus the cake - it wasn't there yet
Turkey, ham, gravy, potatoes, and dressing
rolls and veggies
Parker chewing on a carrot


Emelie said...

Looks like Santa treated you right this year! Parker is growing up soooo fast!!!!! What a cutie!! (Is that the floor your parents picked? I LOVE it!!) Merry Christmas Adam, Kim and Parker!!