Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fruge Family Chistmas

Yesterday, My whole family (minus Christopher and he was greatly missed) got together to do our Christmas. It gets so hard with 6 kids and 5 in-laws and 7 grand-kids for my parents to get all of their family together so they try to do it before Christmas on a day that everyone can make it (on years that end in 0's and 5's like 2010 we all get together as a family at some point in the year)

All the grand-kids (minus Parker and Lindon - mom said they were to little with all the other ones around) got to spend the night Friday with my parents. They watched movies and ate popcorn. I hear it was a blast and that Claire (Kevin's little girl) outlasted everyone (even mom)! The next day they played together and went to McD's for lunch and then they headed to see Curious George (minus Parker and Lindon - tickets were too much money for those two and they are too young to understand and sit still anyways AND Claire - who is terribly afraid of any thing dressed up - Santa, people on Halloween, Chuck E. Cheese, Sesame Street Live Characters...the list goes on).

After that we all met up at mom and dads house and ate and then opened presents and enjoyed each others company. It was a lot of fun. (In our family since there are so many we rotate so each sibling get another sibling and their family a gift - it's usually a game that the whole family can enjoy or something for the adults and something for the kids - it doesn't really matter - we never have set a price limit or anything - but it is a lot of fun and a lot easier than buying for 5 different families!)

Our Present from Matt and Kari was Jenga and we whipped it out at like 9 last night. We got it pretty tall and I am please to say I never knocked it down. We played two games and both times the person that got to go first knocked it down (that would be Matt and Kari hehe)! It felt so much taller - and got a bit taller but I videoed the end so no pictures!
Parker (the best I got of him by himself - he cried most of the day due to lack of a decent nap and teething!)
Aunt Squirt wanted to see if he would go to her and she was denied!
Caryn and JustinThe Kevin Fruge Family
The Court Fruge Family
The Justin McCabe Family
Claire (Unfortunately, the best I got of her - she wouldn't look at the camera - lil stinker!)

Meredith (Unfortunately the best I got of her by herself)Hunter
All the Grandkids (Lindon, Hunter, Parker, Taylor, Meredith, Claire, Tucker) (Of course they are all looking at the camera except mine - oh Parker!)