Friday, December 11, 2009

Stinkin' Sonic

After shopping today (not finding what I was looking for), I decided I was hungry and wanted to go to Sonic to get me a large ddp to last the rest of the day and their fries are soft enough I can give Parker a whole one and he doesn't choke on them he just chews them up.

I ordered a #6 Combo - which consists of a Chicken Club Toaster Sandwich, Medium Fries and a Medium Drink. I told the guy I wanted to up my drink to a large instead. When he read it back to me he said everything right except he added cherry to my drink and I said that I wanted a plain large diet dr pepper - no cherry. He repeated again without saying large this time and I said I wanted a large drink.

When the door hop (is that what they are called at sonic??) came to bring me my food it was a medium drink and I commented and said that I asked for a large but as long as I wasn't charge for the upgrade it was no biggie. So I headed home.

I opened my Sandwich bag and saw a wheat bun - it's called a toaster because it comes on texas toast. No bacon and no cheese. Just a plain jane chicken sandwich. What up with that?

I called the 866 number and complained and not an hour later the manager for that particular sonic called and asked me what happened and told me next time I go he will make it right and to just ask for him. I dunno how he will make it right, but let me tell you...I better at least be getting my money back for the overage I paid for the toaster and only got a chicken sandwich.

Anyone else have bad luck when they go to drive-thrus or out to eat? Maybe I'm the only one.


Rondi said...

I know it isn't funny when this happens, but your post made me laugh. You have to ask our kids. Every time we would go to a drive thru, the kids would duck their heads because they knew their dad was going to look through the bag and make sure everything was right before he pulled away. Now when you have 7 orders in a bag, that's a long wait for the people waiting behind you. And, yes, he still does it to this day. Actually you need to. It seems nowadays that people that work fast food don't know how to work the computerized cash register, put the receipt with the right order, and hand you what you ordered through some speaker that sounds like Martians from outer space.

I would e-mail Sonic. You will have a better chance of getting refunded or getting free coupons. Maren and I know how that works. Maren is very good at it, too.